[ih-loo-zhuh n-gram]


1. Stephan delivers a bottle of sparkling wine in a magic hat while doing Close-Up MAGIC (see video). At the end of the presentation, a magical card appears with your personal congratulatory message. A gift that will be remembered and talked about for years, ultimately, making the recipient the star of the presentation. And that’s the most important trick of all.

$195.00 includes a 10 minute magical performance and a bottle of sparkling wine delivered to your recipient’s office, home or special location.

Alex and Savanna!

A Wedding Proposal

"I'm not sure if this is a thing, but I am planning on proposing to my girlfriend this weekend and I was thinking it would be cool if we were out on the street, maybe in front of the Bellagio fountains, and Stephan came up pretending to be an anonymous street performer and made the ring appear." – Alex

Silent Auction

Stephan is pleased to assist your organization by donating an Illusiongram, $195 value, to your silent auction table. We even provide the display for your table. (See picture.)The silent auction must be held in South Florida. To apply for this donation, simply fill out the form below.

(We will contact you in two weeks to let you know if we are able to honor your request.)